PUBG mobile’s new season rolled out few days back and this time the game thrilled its users with a whole new game concept.
With new character dresses and new items as usual, the game came out with a whole new map for Evo ground section.

The new season is entitled as ” Operation Tommorow” as a succeeder to the previous season ” Fury of Wasteland’.
Here we will discuss about the new items added to game ( skins/maps/ dresses) in the newly came season.
So let’s start and find the details one by one.
1) Vehicle skins-

Having a shining vehicle skin always makes you stand out of lobby and enemies fear you when they see a pro vehicle passing by.
This time PUBG Mobile added some really cool skins and the ” Roaring Tiger” skin for motorbike is one of them. There also is an UAZ skin which can be unlocked from the royal pass section.
2) Armory skin-

On coming to weaponary section this season comes a skin which is undoubtedly favorite of everyone, the “Pummeler” themed M416 skin. Then there are skins for M762, AWM, DP28, PAN,] & helmet which makes season 11 ROYAL PASS worth buying.

This season bring a whole new interesting mode called DOMINATION MODE in Evo ground. Teams are made same as TDM warehouse map, a 4 vs 4 combat but instead of just killing the enemies players will have to keep hold of an area to win the match. The map will have 3 specific sections named area A, B & C which will activated randomly one by one for few minutes each. Team having hold of base without any enemy stepping into it for 100 seconds first wins the base. OR if the active time of base ends but none of the team makes it to 100 seconds, one with the more time spent on it wins. Team winning 2 base out 3 wins the match.

Additional information-
Some of the additionally added items in this season were emotes where the character pretends to take a selfie, and many new wall stickers were added.

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