Pubg Mobile is one of the most adored games in India and a famous versatile multiplayer game around the world. Game group is doing normal endeavors and all the required difficult work to give the best in advertise and to remain as individuals’ favorite fps game.

To keep the player’s enthusiasm for game, the game is giving numerous incredible character skins and weapon and vehicle skins in game. Despite the fact that generally of them are paid and exceptionally valued and basic players like school/undergrads can’t manage the cost of it. Be that as it may, every once in a while, there comes occasions and missions in game which you can finish and get remunerated with premium skins and garments for your character.

This time PUBG is elevating a portable application to its game clients, the application is called WeGame.

WeGame is a versatile game sponsor regularly desgined for PUBG uniquely, it supports the portable RAM and gives best in game understanding.

The application is named as “WeGame for PUBG Mobile – Official Booster&Free Gift”.

Means it is legitimate promoter from PUBG Mobile people group and utilizing it will remunerate you as official in game skins and a lot more things.

PUBG officialy tweeted the declaration and requested that the game clients download and introduce the sponsor.

Prizes which the clients can get from ordinary utilization of the supporter are-


2) FREE Coupon case

3) Free premium case

4) Royal pass focuses

So go download the application today and get the free rewards

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